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Commission A Portrait

By creating a waitlist, I hope it will make easier for us all to plan ahead and this way, I will be able to accommodate every delightful you that wishes to have a piece of my art in a form of an animal companion's portrait.

Portraits are a patient and time-consuming art, therefore I have limited spots to offer.
I also take orders through our pop ups and other in person events and through Etsy.
Please, don't be disappointed if spots are close suddenly.
There is so much I can take and I will re-open slots as soon as my hands and eyes are rested again

​All companion animals are welcome! All I need is a good quality photo of your lovely friend! 

Great remembrance gift to that special person that has lost their beloved fur baby or simply a portrait of your favorite friend, a gift to yourself or someone special in your life.

All portraits are hand embroidered with care and they are one of a kind.

Right now the embroidered time are around 2 to 6 weeks or more depending on the portrait. This is subject to change. Upon purchased, customer will be informed of their portrait's embroidered time.

Here are some guidelines for your photo:

​* Your favorite photo of your friend, clear without any blur, close up, taken in natural light if possible, without flash so there are no shadows upon his/hers cute face and if you wish, you can send me extra for color reference. 

* If your friend is black or white, please send a photo where I can see highlights and shadows.

* Their name as I like to refer to my new friend by their name.

​* I'll be sharing on my Instagram @myprettybabi_shop  and if you wish not to have the portrait online or if you are gifting and wish me to wait for a while or want me not to share at all, please let me know before hand.

All fabrics are cotton or linen fabrics and embroidered animals are made with DMC 100% cotton embroidery thread.

If you have any questions, please contact me

Handmade with ❤️